Circus Circus

As an avid fan of Cirque du Soleil, I was excited to see the circus themed Dior Couture Spring 2019 show. After all, the expectations of artistry in the French cirque is a far cry from the American idea of the circus.

And much like Karl Lagerfeld is known for building larger-than-life sets for his Chanel runway shows, Maria Grazia Chiuri has quickly made a name for herself in two ways as the artistic director at the house of Dior: A champion of feminism, and a giver of damn good shows on her runway. From an all-female rodeo to a full ballet performance, Chiuri creates a spectacle spectacular in her presentations.

For this show she enlisted the women’s circus troop Mimbre, who gave an impressive performance of acrobatics, weaving in and out of the models walking the runway.

Christian Dior Spring 2019 Couture Runway Fashion Show

The Ringmaster: Baby Doll Dresses and Cropped Suits

And with this as her “side show”, the main event was what I can only describe as a surrealist’s fantasy. Intense big top moments were realized in black, red, and gold – the more traditional fare of the circus by way of tailored ringmaster homages and sheer sculptural baby doll dresses. A fresh version of the bar jacket was diaphanous in white.

The Acrobats: Dreamy Pastel Bodysuits and Ruffled Skirts

Shimmering pastels were dreamlike on playsuits, ruffled dresses, and
plissé skirts. I’m not quite sure why the oompa loompa shape was put on the icy marbled playsuits, but I’m strangely drawn to them nevertheless. Funny what a little dream-like show will do to your sense of reality.

The Headliners: Siren Song Gowns

And those gowns. Ohhhhhh, those Chiuri gowns. Don’t get it twisted – Maria Grazia Chiuri might be for women’s empowerment, but she can make some dreamy gowns. This season Chiuri was feeling the gold, and she included three gilded metallic pleat gowns in her collection – all strikingly similar…except SO different (cue Devil Wears Prada moment here).

The Tightrope Walkers: Harlequin Check

The harlequin motif showed itself in sequined diamond lines, faint dyed sheer skirting that blurred in some areas (so gorgeous), and gold inlay diamond and dot skirting with a sheer blouse.

The Elephant Riders: Ribbon Streams

A ribbon notion offered a more subtle concept, with a woven bustier letting down into sheer pastel chiffon “ribbons”. and my favorite – a skirt that’s plainly woven at the top in large chunks before falling loose right at the edge of the hips. It’s paired with a thin blue wrapped sweater, and I’m pretty much in love with the whole look. Maria Maria, don’t you hear me callingMaria? Can I haz outfit?

In my humble opinion, this is MGC’s best collection yet for Dior.

Photos courtesy of Dior


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