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In the latest celebrity model collab, Olivia Culpo teamed up with Express to create her own capsule collection focused on “grl pwr” with a mostly street style vibe.

But unlike some of the other model collabs, Culpo also connects to the movers and the shakers, the wanna be somebodies. It’s not all just athleisure with this girl. She’s always had a bit of an elevated style compared to the millennial model mavens who always give us just one note. Street…street…street….street. And we want to see more sides to a woman than just-rolled-off-the-couch after #NetflixAndChill to go to HIIT classes. I mean, I like those looks, and there’s a place for them. The couch, the gym, chilling out. But Culpo actually addresses the woman who achieves more. That’s real #GRLPWR.

The collection includes a beige jumpsuit that when accessorized with a pair of pumps and statement earrings would go great in the workplace with an easy transition to after hours. A striped blazer would look fantastic over a red side-cut-out bodysuit or a yellow v-neck sweater.

For night time fun, there was just one look but it popped. A sequin red wrap dress that could almost pass as a romper. Cute level 100.

The disappointment? Absolutely no accessories, no bags, no shoes. Come on Culpo! You should have given us the goods! Accessories are what it’s all about, and this was a missed opportunity. Other than that, the collection was a fairly diverse range that merged low key with chic.


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