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It’s that sublime, unsurpassable Cindy Crawford elegance, and that Gigi Hadid sex-appeal that make us all go nuts trying to score another pair of Manolo Blahniks without having to empty our savings account in the process. However we, mere mortals, cannot afford the red carpet catwalk glam that has put these ladies in the center of our attention in the first place.

That should be no excuse for not giving our damn best in finding the ultimate solutions to these style issues, since the world is brimming with fashionable items that can elevate your look in a heartbeat, but without the massive price tag. Let’s go over a few affordable ways to nail that haute look for your own wardrobe!

Comfort comes first

Have you ever seen a superstar like Beyoncé reveal the pain of strutting in high heels with little support? Or the agony of wearing a jacket so incredibly suffocating that your skin would gladly scream? There is no room for clothes, accessories, and any wearables, for that matter that make you feel like anything less than the goddess that you are.

First things first, ditch all of your garments that no longer fit, or that are uncomfortable. Then, make a list of all the brands you know have done you harm in the past, whether they’ve caused callouses or an occasional bruise (oh what we endure in the name of fashion). You can only look and feel like a million bucks when you walk with your head held high, no impending injuries on the horizon.

Keep an eye on sales

Inexpensive Ways to Look Like A Million Bucks - Keep an Eye on Sales - Clothing shop window with 70% off sale

Let’s take a moment to thank Google for their impeccable appreciation for online shoppers as well as brands that provide sales. Yes, the fact that a previously pricey item is now 40% off doesn’t make it any less stunning, and your wallet will appreciate the effort, so set up those sales alerts ASAP.

Furthermore, talk to your friends and colleagues, sign up for your most beloved brands’ newsletters, make sure you’re in the know, and more affordable items of incredible value will come your way!

Find your staples

Inexpensive Ways to Look Like A Million Bucks - Find Your Staples - Girl on bed wearing white shirt with laptop

One cannot put a price on the inherent beauty of your chosen favorites, right? Well, as much as this may ring true with your fashion philosophy, some still cannot afford that Chanel’s little black dress no matter how timeless and invaluable it may be. However, what you can do is shop woman’s clothing online, choosing staples of your wardrobe and investing in those must-haves such as your boho summer essentials, or your classy black pants.

That way, you will secure a wider selection for a fair price, and check out reviews on the spot to make sure that those staples are durable, high-quality, and long-lasting.

Mind the details

 Inexpensive Ways to Look Like A Million Bucks - Mind the Details - Pearl necklace

A little can indeed go a long way in completing your entire look. As a simple, but perfect example, a simple power suit can instantly become an ensemble when you add an equally powerful watch and a feminine necklace. The same applies to your lipstick of choice, or a mascara that stays stubbornly on without getting crumbly for hours at a cocktail party.

The key is to remember that less is more when it comes to details, as it’s always better to choose one statement piece than to add too many little details that will make your outfit look cluttered and somewhat indecisive. That is why every lady should invest in a pearl necklace for those special occasions, and you can rest assured your look will be pure perfection with such a stunning piece!

Fabric and texture can go a long way

Inexpensive Ways to Look Like A Million Bucks - Fabric and texture can go a long way - Tan Jacket and white shirt

Say no to polyester and similar materials that not only produce a nasty aroma after you’ve worn them for a while, but they also give a truly unrefined look to even the finest blouse you could envision. No, your million-dollar look deserves pure extravagance with satin, silk, cashmere, as well as simple, yet sturdy and beautiful fabrics such as cotton or linen.

Suede, velvet, as well as faux fur, can add an eccentric, but sophisticated note to your look, so don’t shy away from adding variety in the form of fabrics. Textured fabrics that combine mate and glossy can also be quite alluring, and despite their affordability, make your ensemble remain delightful!

Finally, even with your selection finished and your accessories ready to go, remember that even the most expensive, luxury items will not exude elegance if you don’t focus on their neatness. Finely-washed and pressed clothing is the key to your haute look, so pick your lush garments, and keep them in mint condition!

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