Shimmery Unicorn Silk

If glistening silk (ok, technically silk and translucent organza) came from the horns of Unicorns, I have a feeling that’s what would have created the fabrics used in the latest Iris van Herpen couture collection. The texture is just beyond imagination. Most designers have a hard enough time taking a vision to paper to execution and keeping it the same. But to envision this dream-like fabric in the first place, to layer it in this multidimensional piece of artwork, and have the execution turn out…well, NOT crafty or in any way RTW-esque is just awe-worthy. Consider me awed. Again.

Celestial Hybrid Bodies

Van Herpen explored celestial cartography via Harmonia Macrocosmica (a 17th-century star atlas) as well as the possibility of engineered human-animal hybrids in a well-tempered balance of science-fiction, avant garde art, and futurism. The multi-dimensional creations were in collaboration with former NASA engineer turned artist Kim Keever, also designing the 3-D cut contoured face pieces.

Iris van Herpen Spring 2019 Couture Fashion Collection 3-D-printed face-contouring jewelry

Open with a Killer

The opener was breathtaking – a midnight blue pleated bustier number with undulating skirt tails and rounded wings at each side.

Iris van Herpen Spring 2019 Couture Fashion Collection blue pleated gown

Dance Along the Clouds

Ethereal layers of translucent organza were printed with warm abstract patterns that graduated into ombre saturations. A print of clouds in wine and amber graced a floor sweeping gown with scalloped edges from head-to-toe.

Hidden Faces

But the true artistry here was realized in the 3D silk-layered pieces outlined in black, remindful of topographic mapping. In each dress were hidden faces, adding to the allure.

On Fire

On a mesh netting column gown, flaming neon orange flowed against exoskeletal skin like lava.

Iris van Herpen Spring 2019 Couture Fashion Collection mesh fire dress

If this is the future of evolution, humanity has a lot to look forward to.


Photos courtesy of Iris van Herpen


  1. I am really intrigued by the unique, contemporary vibe of these silhouettes – definitely a collection you won’t forget! xx

    Naya //

    • luxelookbook Reply

      So true! It’s so captivating. Thanks for stopping by, Naya!

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