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  Back to his fundamentals this season, Brandon Maxwell mostly showed his signature black and white monochromatic tailoring we all know and love. He was made famous on the red carpet by Lady Gaga, and  soon celebs like Karlie Kloss (at the MET Gala), Michelle Obama, JLaw, Nicole Kidman…even Oprah! Hello, legendary status! And sticking to his roots, we find yet again what has drawn so many A-list elite to his creations. Model walking on runway during fashion week wearing outfit by designer Brandon Maxwell for Fall 2019 collection
But this season seemed very much a reflection of his personal life – therapeutic for Maxwell, who’s been reportedly by his mom’s side in Texas for many of her breast cancer treatments. And so, it was in this kind of guarded, comfort-focused mood that we saw his staple polished, tailored looks in a monochrome palette of mostly black and white.  
It’s not the color, it’s not the print, it’s the cut. And when he stays away from the flashy and keeps it minimalist, that’s when his keen eye for impeccable tailoring and creative sculpting fuse together to create some magic. We saw quite a few pencil looks, both sporty and polished, sometimes fused together. Perfect blends included the satin blazer jacket with zip pockets and drawstring waist, a tank midi pencil dresses, and a cargo pencil trench (yes!).  
The more sculpted looks were pure love – especially the mni cape fuchsia moment with a fitted shirt and bootleg pants. Similar bold shoulder effects were made with a black pencil skirt and zip-up satin top that blossomed up, and a white knit ribbed side-zip bomber over boot legs. Yes, yes, and oh yes.  
His evening looks showed a bit of restraint even for Maxwell, although I loved the continuation of the combination lock belts here. This was where perhaps he was getting a bit nostalgic, as the looks became more classic caped looks, a silky halter column, and full skirts. The finale duet brought full force with a black tank top ball gown (because, why not), and a blazing pink parachute gown.  The man knows how to make a lasting impression. Photos courtesy of Brandon Maxwell  



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