I just discovered fashion designer Marina Moscone, and I feel like I’ve been missing out. FOMO is real, and it’s times like this that reinforce it. Ok, so she only technically launched in 2017, but when I saw these clothes – the Fall 2019 collection – I felt like I was at home with these clothes. Not in a “this collection entirely encompasses everything I what I want my closet” way, but in a “I feel entirely at home in these clothes” way.

The collection, shown at the Rare Book Room at the Strand bookstore at New York Fashion Week gives some major grunge – boho vibes, and I’m totally here for it. Ok, so maybe not the cropped wide leg pants – I’ve never really understood the attraction to this occasional trend, but nevertheless we’re back to it. But everything else in this Moscone series, I say yes to.

Marina Moscone Fall 2019 RTW Designer Fashion Collection

The vintage color palette and 90’s slip dresses fused with 1970’s cuts of corduroy and duster coats. The vintage lover in me is just screaming with joy. Those 90’s/20’s slip dresses that whispered moments of Art Deco with the panels, then brooding romanticism with dark tie-dyed lace. Actually, I think I wore some of these looks in high school, sans the elevated style and price tag!



And that’s just the beginning. The tactile nature of the entire collection is off the charts. Repurposed moving blankets turned coating was both sumptuous and an eco-friendly – handcrafted of course. Frothy, fluffy, woven, knitted. It was all cozy, warm, and inviting.


I’ll just take one of almost everything please.

Photos courtesy of Marina Moscone




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      You know, I think Hudgens would look great in a dress from her!

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