What do you get when you combine confectionery colors with the sartorial creations of Leigh Bowery [link NSFW] and Roberto Capucci? Well, a dress full of froth and dreams by Tomo Koizumi.

Performance artist Leigh Bowery plus fashion designer Roberto Capucci plus confectionery pastel colors equals Tomo Koizumi Fall 2019 collection


Just how did Tomo Koizumi get to NYFW? He was discovered on Instagram by stylist Katie Graham. Marc Jacobs offered up his Madison Avenue store as the runway, and high profile models like Bella Hadid, Karen Elson, Emily Ratajkowski, Joan Smalls, donned his creations. Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie closed the show in a jaw-dropping dress. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Tomo Koizumi RTW Fall 2019 New York Fashion Week designer collection
Tomo Koizumi RTW Fall 2019

The models marched out one by one, styled with Audrey Hepburn bangs and wearing pointed toe flats. The dresses were mega mondo pieces that just about swallowed the girls, but they were so fun and vibrant, with movement, color, and humor. How can you not smile at these pieces of walking art?

Some pieces were taken and expanded upon from his recent ballet collection, offering a bit more restraint and grace. There were tulle skirts and, corsets, and sheer “boned” skirts.

Then there was a bit more kitsch with an homage to his host(s), with Lady Liberty t-shirts sporting a grill with “M-A-R-C J-A-C-O-B-S ” on the teeth. Kind of hilarious. I felt like this could have been whittled down to one look for the single moment of humor, but he ran a bit beyond the moment with it, and I think the looks overstayed their welcome.

And ahhhh, the volume! The colors! I. just. can’t.

The apex moment came with Gwendoline Christie in the finale dress. Who better to model this immeasurable gown?

Gwendoline Christie in Tomo Koizumi RTW Fall 2019 New York Fashion Week designer collection
Tomo Koizumi RTW Fall 2019



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