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In a see-now, buy-now collection, Ralph Lauren gave a polished runway show in their brasserie-style cafe on Madison Avenue. Ralph Lauren Spring 2019 RTW in the cafe on Madison Avenue, New York- Feature - The Luxe Lookbook The looks were sophisticated – mostly monochrome classic minimalism with pops of gold accents. Lean silhouettes gracefully glided down the grand staircase and through the cafe in chic, breezy moments that defied the laws of Instagram. Simplicity. Elegance. Dare I say,  *slightly* grown up? Ok, so maybe there were a few oh mah gah, this has to go on my insta feed moments. But for the most part it was all about the simple, laid back sophistication as the house of Lauren pared back – way back. Easy knit dresses in white or black were cinched with gold belts. The crossover halter that I first fell in love with in Lauren’s Spring 2016 collection. , this time in a stark white wide-leg jumpsuit worn by Joan Smalls as well as a breezy black dress with a grey oversized rose print.  
Relaxed trousers and skirts were met with crop tops and military jackets sporting officer epaulets, and nautical striped sweaters. The military vibe is definitely there, but subtle as it weaves in and out of the collection. That white officer jacket has definitely made my covet list!  
The gold is sometimes understated, but sometimes screaming in your face with metallic foil finish. How are we going to feel about that in a decade or two? Who wants to take the leap and wear that when cameras are around? Not it. Good luck, you, whoever you are!  
Still, there were metallic pieces that were incredibly chic. Enter the evening moment worn by Bella Hadid – a calf-length v-neck number with pleats that wrapped around her bodice like angel wings. Oh mah gah, that’s the instagram moment I was talking about. Actually, it’s on my instagram feed right now. And it just got better from there. The gold got deeper as well as black, moving to super thin shirt dresses (like Lauren’s famous polo *with* logo still intact) all covered in sequins from head to toe. Incredible results.  



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