It was a wild night for the Oscars. A record was made. Relationship reminders on the red carpet were swiftly ignored by the public. Even Wayne and Garth showed up to the Academy Awards….which didn’t technically have a host.

And about that relationship reminder on the red carpet. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are making it clear. But you can’t ignore the chemistry with Gaga, and finally going to make it happen (sorry Irina Shayk). The chemistry, the sparks!

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Then there was Hannah Beachler, who won the Oscar for Production Design for Black Panther, becoming the first black woman to win an Oscar. Yasss! And for those of us who have seen it, I think we can all agree that her work was STELLAR.

And which film took best picture? The Favourite was definitely NOT the favourite (did we really think it had a chance), and while A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Black Panther were fan favorites, they were not the winners tonight. While I was rooting for Blackkklansman (I knew there was only a smaaall chance), it was The Green Book that edged out Roma and Vice for the shiny trophy.

Now a controversy has erupted across the nation since The Green Book won the Oscar. So what’s the big deal? Well, it’s been called a “symphony of lies” by the family of the man one of the main characters is based on, and is a anti-racism film created by mostly white men. And that’s just scratching the surface. Digital Spy can give you more of a run down, but the controversy is getting heated to say the least.

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On to the fashion! The color of the red carpet was decidedly pink and these ladies looked FIERCE. There were so many strong looks, and it was tempting to add quite a few additional people to the best dressed list.





Laura Marano ~ Gown: Celia Kritharioti // Shoes: Lori Blu // Clutch: Lori Blu // Jewelry: Neil Lane and Hearts on Fire

I actually screamed YAAASSSSSS openly. Out loud. Loudly. When I saw Laura Marano’s pink gown with the giant yellow bow on the low back. And I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t even know her. But she looks amazing, so she’s taking my number one spot, and I don’t even usually have that. I’m not ranking anybody else – these are all listed randomly. But Laura? She’s on here first for a reason. #1 BEST DRESSED SUPERSTAR, I WANT THAT GOWN, PLEASE LET ME BORROW IT.

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I love this • • #lauramarano #glambot

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Jennifer Lopez ~ Gown: Tom Ford // Shoes: Jimmy Choo

When does JLo not look like 100? This geometric mirror column gown shows off her boom boom curves, but is chic to the nines. The color tone and the amount of light it actually reflects is perfection. Something like this could go so wrong, but as always, Tom Ford always gets it right.

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Kacey Musgraves ~ Gown: Giambattista Valli

Pink and frothy tiered perfection, with a fabulous silver glittering bow belt cinching the waist right inbetween. This is a fun gown and the way the tulle pops up on her shoulders and frames her face is gorgeous. But it’s her beauty team that accentuates this look that really ices the cake.

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Lady Gaga ~ Gown: Alexander McQueen // Jewelry: Tiffany and Co.

This woman is always showing out, and this Oscars night was no different. Actually, I think this is one of my favorite Gaga looks. The cut of the neckline is so classic, but then the hips are exaggerated in a squared off sculptural way, but it’s still so stunning. Not many people could pull that cut off. And the drop of pleated ball gown with the small train finishes it well. A big train would be overkill with this. And did you see the size of that rock on her neck? Ugh, girl. So jealous.

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Kiki Layne ~ Gown: Versace

The cut on the neckline is absolutely stunning. I love the half racer-halter that gives it a slight athletic look on one side, then you have the sophisticated and polished look with a petal bust cup on the other side with the bustier highlighting her curves, and a giant half bow peeking out of the back. Ok, what is it with me and bows this year? As long as it’s in the back, apparently I’m all for it.

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Gemma Chan ~ Gown: Valentino // Shoes: Jimmy Choo

So pink, so dramatic, so demure, so stately. I’m a sucker for a high-neck period piece moment, especially when it’s done by Valentino. Maria Grazia Chiuri always knows how to turn out the romanticism.

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Amy Adams ~ Gown: Versace // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Jewelry: Cartier

Did Versace just mold this futuristic skin-fabric to Amy Adams’ body, cinch her in with some Spanx, and turn her into a sexy statue? Because this look is incredible. The sexiness, the texture, the shape, all of it. I have so many questions.

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Ice queen outside, heart-warming girl inside 💎. #oscars

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Billy Porter ~ Gown: Christian Siriano

Yes, yes, yes. I’m calling Porter’s look the Centaur of the red carpet. Suit on top, gown on the bottom… all fabulous. Don’t tell Gaga, but I love this look almost as much as I love hers. This play on masculine v. feminine and gender identity is fantastic, and it’s refreshing to see a man (of any sexual preference) feel confident enough to be who he wants to be and wear what he wants to wear as well as say what he wants to say on the red carpet. Make your statement Mr. Porter.

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Glenn Close ~ Gown: Carolina Herrera

Finally. FINALLY! I was really wondering when the ageism was going to subside on the red carpet. I mean, yeah, there were a few designers who dressed more experienced (dare I say older!) actresses, but they never go all out with them the way they would with the rest of the Hollywood elite. But here, Carolina Herrera had 40 craftsmen working with 4 million delicate extra-thin glass beads to create Glenn’s gown. And the result was stunning.

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  1. I love how Lady Gaga dressed so elegant, but also with a twist of her craziness and fun! Alexander Mcqueen really suites Gaga so well, and I love Octavia Spencers dress so much! It looks like the perfect summer night, dark blue with a lot of baddazzling starta on it 😍

    • luxelookbook Reply

      I know! I thought Alexander McQueen was perfect for Gaga. She often goes for Brandon Maxwell, but McQueen gave her a similar visual, with a more dramatic, more technically developed gown. And I agree, Octavia Spencer looked gorgeous in her shimmering midnight blue. So perfect for her!

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