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5 Places To Visit On Your Spring Break

People are always looking for new or exciting spring break destinations. Granted, there are plenty of fairly “standard” places to go, from Cancun to New Orleans, and they’ve become the go-to destinations for plenty of good reasons. Even so though, it can feel a little unoriginal to plan a Spring Break to one of these places, and at the same time it’s fun to come up with something a little less traditional.

The following aren’t wildly obscure, off-the-beaten-path destinations in general. But they can give you a fresh look for this particular type of getaway.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Best Places to Go for Spring Break - San Juan Puerto Rico - The Luxe Lookbook

For whatever reason Puerto Rico doesn’t seem to come up as frequently as some of its Caribbean neighbors, or some spots in the South of Florida, when it comes to spring break. Additionally, many might assume that it’s not a good idea to visit Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the devastation Hurricane Maria wrought upon the island. However, this shouldn’t really be a concern. While parts of the island are still very much affected, it’s business as usual in San Juan according to some who have gone in the last year. On top of that, there’s an argument to be made that the island needs tourist revenue now more than ever, so you might even be helping out by visiting. Once there you’ll experience one of the truly great colonial towns in the region, full of old streets and buildings, local shops, great bars and restaurants, affordable places to stay, and plenty of nearby beaches. It’s a near-perfect option.

2. Jamaica

Best Places to Go for Spring Break - Jamaica - The Luxe Lookbook

Even more than Puerto Rico, Jamaica tends to get left out among Caribbean spring break destinations, and for no apparent reason. It’s gorgeous, relatively easy (and affordable) to get to, and packed with fun things to do and safe places to stay. Jamaica tends to have a reputation for a few things in particular, such as reggae culture and somewhat commercial resorts, and because of these things a lot of people fail to realize the full range of appeal it offers. Truth be told though it’s about as pretty as any other Caribbean country, and you can bask in that beauty at any number of student-friendly beach clubs and rented properties. From there you can always look into specific activities, but really this is an opportunity to simply enjoy a warm, postcard-perfect beach.

3. Augusta, Georgia

Best Places to Go for Spring Break - Champions Retreat Georgia - The Luxe Lookbook

Most people associate Augusta, Georgia with The Masters golf tournament, and rightly so. It’s one of the most famous events in world golf, though the tournament takes place in April each year so it’s almost certainly going to be after your Spring Break (or else it would make for an excellent, if expensive, goal). Nevertheless, for those who do like the idea of The Masters, or who enjoy golf in general, the weather gets nice before the April tournament, and the area has some excellent golf courses you might be able to play with friends during your break. In other words, you can more or less have your own mini-Masters experience, and while you almost certainly won’t be able to play the Augusta National course, there are other fantastic options in the area. Forest Hills Golf Club, Jones Creek Golf Club, and the Champions Retreat are all worth looking into for this purpose.

4. Park City, Utah

Best Places to Go for Spring Break - Park City Utah - The Luxe Lookbook

It’s remarkable how little people tend to focus on ski trips when spring break rolls around. They can certainly be more expensive vacations, so if that’s the reason it makes perfect sense. But there’s also something to the idea that people hear “spring break” and immediately envision beaches, simply because they’re the most popular options. Ski trips at high-altitude destinations are still perfectly viable in the spring, however, and lately Park City, Utah and some of the surrounding peaks have been ranked among the top options. You’ll still have great conditions for skiing – if anything, it might be warm enough to be more comfortable but not so warm that a season’s worth of snowfall melts just yet. And Park City itself is a wonderful resort town to hang out in while you’re not on the slopes, or if any friends prefer not to ski.

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Best Places to Go for Spring Break - Myrtle Beach South Carolina - The Luxe Lookbook

Most people looking to East Coast beaches will aim farther south, eyeing places like Charleston, Savannah, or virtually the entire Florida coastline. These are all reasonable options, but hitting Myrtle Beach right at the beginning of beach season can be a ton of fun as well. You’ll find extremely affordable housing (making it a great spot for those doing spring break on a budget), either at Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach, and there’s actually a lot to do in the area. Many don’t fully realize that in places Myrtle Beach is a little bit like a miniature Orlando on the coast – which is not to say there are full-fledged theme parks, but there are rides, attractions, public boardwalks, fun restaurants, etc. It’s all enough to have a great time for a week.

About the Author: Jeff Willis is a freelance writer and photographer. He has contributed to various web sources regarding travel, adventure, and general lifestyle.





  1. I have to admit to having never really known much about Georgia before now – not even the golf tournament! Lovely to learn more about it; it sounds like a fabulous place to visit. x

  2. While I love all of the sunny options mentioned here, for some reason I loved the sound of Utah! I can’t ski to save my life, but I wouldn’t mind a hot cup of Irish coffee while enjoying the nature and crisp air. Thanks for the recommendations xx


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